Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Moss release,Hogmany 2008

Moss was our first grey seal release of the season.The weather was lovely and calm, blue skies and absolutely freezing.Moss had reached his target weight and was all set to go.He was loaded in to his tub for the short journey to his release site.We contacted Debbie the local lady that had watched Moss and reported him as a stranded pup.He had quite a send off, it was the first release our volunteers had assisted on and it was quite emotional.Moss cautiously took to the water after some gentle persuasion.It was the best new year celebration you could get.Thank you to all that helped Moss get back to the sea where he belongs.

New Arrival,update 30th of december

Frosty was found at Wellego Steps he had multiple wounds on his abdomen,chin and multiple bite marks on his front right flipper.Otherwise he was in ok body condition at 26kg and fully moulted.Lucky is body fat had protected his muscle layer from damage as his abdomenal wounds were very deep.Frosty has a very fiesty nature and ate fish for himself very quickly.We are treating his wounds with antibiotics and a gel called intrasite,this promotes healing and granulation of the tissue.He has settled in to the nursery very well and he is a lovely pup.