Monday, 2 February 2009

Pup update 19th of Jan

Luna has been experiencing some problems,she had not passed any motion and although this can happen to pups who have been very starved,poor Luna has been the unfortunate victim of marine litter.To-day she passed a baloon bearing the logo of Harveys furniture store sale.The ballon had been blocking her intestine and since passing the obstruction her function has now returned to normal.
Roxy had got full movement in both her rear flippers this has been very stressful for all at the hospital as we have all had to wait to see if she would regain movement as the prognosis was very poor if she didnot improve.We all said a collective hurrah as Roxy is a character a beautiful girl with a gentle spirit.

Latest arrival 13th of Jan

Our latest pup arrived from Scrabster harbour,Richard dropped her off at Tesco car park as Jamie and I were in getting some shopping.She was in a very poor state,13.3kg at 5-6 weeks old fully moulted and emaciated.On full examination she was full of sand her teeth barely visible luckily no other injuries.Pup was named Luna a very pale girl similar colour to Roxy.Luna is feisty in short bursts,when she was tube fed hydration fluids her stomach also had lots of sand as the tube was coated.Poor girl must have been sucking sand on the beach for a while.

Video of Moss release

We hope you enjoy the video of Moss being released.