Sunday, 15 August 2010


The call for this pup came late in the evening and local medics raced out to pick up the pup in the dark.He was unresponsive and in very poor condition when he was admitted to the hospital.The outlook was not good and we did not expect the pup now named Winkie to survive the night. He had his temperature and blood glucose checked. The temp was too low to read and the blood glucose was the same, less than 0.6mmol. He was made comfortable and we would see how he was in the morning. The morning was the start of a long fight to help Winkie to survive,as you can see from the photos we administered a drip along with extra glucose,antibiotics and re hydration fluids given by stomach tube.We left the hospital at midnight we had worked on Winkie for 15 hours.He was making slow progress but progress gave us hope.

The next morning Winkie had improved dramatically this did surprise us all as initially he was given 0.01% chance of survival.We continued his treatment and he is so far going from strength to strength.


Betty was rescued from Castletown harbour.She had sustained nasty facial injuries due to a rocky shore and high winds.She was thin at only 9.3kg. The season for commons has been later than we usually expect so Betty's arrival on the 1st of August did surprise us. She had treatment for her injuries and seemed to be progressing well, but unfortunatly and unexpectedly she died. This was a blow for everyone at the hospital, Betty was a happy little pup, very content and a good patient. Hopefully we will learn more from the PM.
She is sadly missed.


Ollie arrived at the hospital on the 9th of july,he was rescued in Orkney by Ross Flett from Orkney Seal Rescue. He was very thin weighing only 7.7kg but bright and alert.He was started on our mix multi-milk and a course of anti-biotics. He loves to suck his hip as you can see from the photos.

Last of the grey seals go back home 23rd of April 2010

Grey seals Boo,Princess,Holly and Leia released at last.This grey season was very long and hard work with labour intensive treatment for Boo.Her release was a high point for all at the hospital her progression amazed us all,and seeing her go back home was the best reward we could have.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

20/2/10 Ami,Chewy,Blossom and Poppy go back home.

The weather was fantastic, freezing but sunny as you can see from the photos.Ami,Chewy,Blossom and Poppy all released together.The sea was so calm and clear that we could see the pups explore their home again.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pumpkin goes back to the wild.

Pumpkin had a delayed release due to the bad weather,he was well over release weight.We always thought Pumpkin would do well in the wild as he is a dominant male who patrols the pool when we are in cleaning to make sure you don't get too close to the others.He is very impressive when charging round the pool roaring at you. He surpassed himself by being well behaved,boxing him up was easy considering his size.Then off to the release site just a hop,skip and a jump and he was down on the shore line.Pumpkin was a little reluctant to go in the water at first just gentle persuasion from Jamie and he was off.There were lots of seals hauled out on the other side of the bay and Pumpkin being a confident boy swam over and hauled out with them it has to be the best release ever,rehab pup mixing with the colony in 5 minutes.
Thanks to all involved in Pumpkin's rehab we couldn't manage without all the support.
love Heather x