Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lord Vadar more news

Vadar had more extensive x-rays last night which showed 1 break in the flipper and the other suspected break was actually a growth plate.He is going for a C.T scan this morning so the vets have a clear picture of the break before his surgery.He is doing well if not a bit grumpy (nothing unusual for Vadar).The Vet school have been amazing and we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone as they are doing all of this for free.Keep those fingers crossed as with all surgery there are risks involved.I will keep you posted.

Lastest news 17th Nov

The hospital has been very busy and it doesnt look like thats giong to change for the next few months.Here is a quick update on the pups,
He is a great pup eating more than 2kilos of fish a day and still wants more,he is 19.7kg now He had routine blood tests taken ,when we get the all clear from blood tests he will be ready to go outside.
Is doing very well,she is eating for herself in the water and is gaining weight now 12.3kg she is looking much rounder.Blood test results pending ,she will move outdoors after she has gained more weight.
It is with a heavy heart i have to say that our lovely boy passed away.He was doing well but got an infection that flared up over sunday morning and he died on sunday evening.This all happened so quickly,it was i shock to us all. We have sent him for a post mortem and will let you all know what it finds.
He was taken to the vets in Wick for some x-rays as his right flipper and shoulder were very swollen. Our main worry was a fracture and he has 2 fractures.He is at the moment at Glasgow Vet School with Jamie having more x-rays with the hope that the breaks can be repaired,keep your fingers crossed we'll know more in a few hours.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

New arrival 15th of November

We got a call from SSPCA Inspector John McAvoy regaurding a pup found stranded on the Kintyre Penninsula. SSPCA auxilliary Caroline picked up the pup and delivered it to John where it stayed overnight. The pup was then relayed to the hospital John taking the first leg from Oban to Inverness, then Linda (Inverness co-ordinator) oversaw Heather (medic) transfer the pup as it was her first call out,she took the next leg to Golspie. Where Colin took the last dash to the hospital. On arrival the pup was alert and active but very thin and tiny. The pup was covered in bites and weighed a shocking 9.3kg. She was given hydration fluid and had her wounds treated, antibiotics injection and blood samples taken for analysis. Pup has a very pale silver coat and was given the name Leia.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Arrival 10th of November

The new arrival was from Berridale Braes. He was spotted by a local lady who kindly alerted us to the distressed pup.When the pup arrived at the nursey he was a weaned pup 13.3kg very emaciated and quite a vocal little terror. After a full assessment he was dubbed Lord Vadar due to his demeanor and vocal range. He has started on his antibiotics and has just completed his 24hr fluid therapy so it will be an interesting feed later tonight we will see how he likes his fish feed.

Monday, 9 November 2009

A manic weekend.

The weather was pretty stormy last week so we expected more calls for pups in distress and we were very busy. First pup arrived on saturday afternoon. He came from Sandwick beach near Thurso, he was a thin white coat pup and sadly had to be put to sleep.He had been born without eyes and could not be rehabliltated and put back to the wild so the ethical desision was to let him go.

The next call was for a weaned pup on Scrabster beach. Pup is a tiny 10.7kg and short in length, although she's tiny she is a fiesty girl and is progressing very well. Initially on fliuds for 24hr she is eating herring very well.We named her Poppy which seemed fitting as is was Rememberance Sunday.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Another New Arival

Around 5 pm I had a call from Jim Thompson saying there was a pup near Kiess which is near to Wick at the Sub Sea 7 instillation. It is a pipeline manufacturing plant that makes the offshore pipelines.We arrived there to find a white coat pup that had somehow travelled around half a mile upstream after getting through a fenced off section of stream and had then turned and travelled down a dirty muddy road next to the pipeline railway for about 300 metres.He had a bad swelling and puncture mark over his ribs and a nasty cut next to his eye.Once at the hospital we assessed him, he was given a pain killer/anti-inflammatory injection as well as anti-biotic and fluid therapy, fed and then bedded him down for the night.We called him Walter after the man who looked out for him all afternoon after a farmer had seen him in the morning. He weighed in at 14.6 kilo and was filthy covered in mud and oil,he is very alert and active considering his adventures.

A Halloween Pup

Jamie recieved a call on Friday evening from a member of the public regarding a small grey seal pup that had been lying next to the ferry pier to Seil Island, south of Oban. Being over 5 hours away he called, what used to be local, SSPCA officers to help with assesing and if needed, to uplift.After assesing the pup on the Saturday morning it was uplifted by SSPCA John McAvoy, then relayed by SSPCA Dawna Connelly to Inverness and then Jim Thompson collected the pup at Inverness and arrived at the hospital at 10.30pm Saturday night. He has been called Pumpkin and is a male around 10 days old, weighing in at 13.6 kilos. Malnourished with only minor cuts and scrapes.Fiesty and alert.
The pup was called Pumpkin, he was given fluid therapy for the first 24 hours along with anti-biotics, vitamin and iron supplements. He is a well behaved boy with a good singing voice. Pumpkin is now on to eating fish with minimal assistance this is unusual for young pup.The first time he was stomach tubed he willingly swallowed it down and did so each time he was given the fluid therapy, this led us to try very small gutted fish instead of the usual trimmed fillets of herring. He is a smashing little Pumpkin but he will still try to bite your ankle as you step out of his pen.

Freddie and Jules progress

The girls are well just honing their swimming skills and playing lots, they are not yet at their target weight but will be soon. Enjoy the new photos. Jules loves to show off her fabulous belly while mastering her hunting techniques.

Freddie and Jules progress

Sunday, 1 November 2009

IFAW Animal Action Awards

left to right Elizabeth Emanuel (fashion designer/bdmlr patron), Josie Sharrad (IFAW),Heather Dyer & Jamie Dyer (BDMLR seal hospital Managers) and The Baroness Gale.

Jamie and myself have received and award from IFAW( International Fund for Animal Welfare.

We were very surprised and thrilled to be reccognised by IFAW for our work with seals.
We have been in various newspapers in the uk and on the North Tonite news slot.
The media interest has been a great boon for the hospital and helped to raise the hospitals profile.
Jim (caithness co-ordinator) took charge of the hospital to allow Jamie,Tracey (BDMLR medic/hospital vounteer)and myself to head to the House of Lords for the award ceremony.Fortunalty Alan Knight (BDMLR Chairman) and Paul and Jenni Laird (BDMLR medics/vounteers) were also able to join us.
The house of Lords was fantastic, everyone made us feel very welcome.The award ceremony was nerveracking until they told us we didn't have to make a speach, then we both relaxed.
It was great to meet so many interesting people in such an amazing setting.

THANK YOU IFAW for this honor and THANK YOU to The Baroness Gale our hostess for a wonderful day.