Saturday, 2 July 2011

Grey Seal Season Update - Larry

Late in the evening on Saturday 6th November a small male grey seal arrived at the Highland Seal Hospital. He had endured a long journey after being picked up on Friday evening on the Isle of Lewis by Sandy MacDonald, Kirstie Brown and Ross Spence, and looked after overnight by the ever busy Sandy McDonald. Sandy travelled with him on the Saturday afternoon ferry to Ullapool, where he was driven by Claire Johnston to Simon Eller, who was waiting at Golspie to bring him to us at the Hospital.

On arrival we found we had a small male weighing in at 12.5 kilo. He was very malnourished, covered in bite wounds and showing very poor body condition. He was thoroughly checked, treated, medicated and left to settle in. After fluid therapy he was started on fish late on Sunday and is progressing well. We have named him Larry.

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