Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ollie and Winkie Returned To The Wild

On Saturday 6th November Ollie and Winkie were returned to the wild. Ollie who arrived from Orkney via Ross at Orkney Seal Rescue in July and Winkie who arrived shortly after from Thurso, were fed in the morning as usual and then they had their pool drained. Once drained they were checked over, their tags were double checked and then they were boxed for the drive to the release site. While both these pups arrived at the hospital malnourished and weighing around seven kilos, they were now on their way weighing over 30 kilos each. The release had been delayed and put back for over three weeks due to constantly changing weather conditions though with a good forecast they were now almost there.

Heather, Caleb and myself were joined at the site by HSH volunteer Tracey Myers and her son Elliot, medics Linda, Claire and Natalie from Inverness and SSPCA officer and medic Audrey and her partner Bruce, as well as a few other friends so a big send off for the boys.

The release went smoothly with Winkie swimming out into deeper water straight away to join up with another pup, Ollie meanwhile was a bit reluctant but eventually went out to join Ollie.

A good day for all, I will miss the boys but it’s great to see them back where they belong.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

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